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Traditional schooling wasn't meeting the needs of our children in today's world..As a result, we established an educational institution that does precisely that.

Entrepreneurial In Focus

Entrepreneurs have a remarkable ability to craft value from the unexplored. Your child will be excellently prepared for the future job landscape, and even for embarking on their own authentic business ventures, initiating several enterprises before completing their education.

Growth Mindset

Cultivating a mindset of growth entails embracing errors as opportunities for expedited learning. Your child will grasp the art of hastening their advancement through rapid learning phases, leveraging quick iterations of trial and error to swiftly refine their path forward.

Critical Thinking

Our duty is not to instruct young heroes in mere facts, but to equip them with the skill of independent thinking. Through the application of Socratic Discussions, students are provoked to attentively consider diverse concepts, raise queries, delve deeper, and ultimately construct their own informed convictions.

Independence & Self Awareness

Within our philosophy, every student embodies untapped brilliance, poised for revelation. The Acton setting fosters a profound self-awareness, empowering our heroes with the liberty to establish ambitions that push their personal boundaries in academic pursuits and endeavors they are truly passionate about.


Is More Important Than Tests, Teachers, And Homework?

/ At Acton Academy...

  • We Enlist Guides, Not Teachers
  • We Create Studios, Not Classrooms
  • We Employ Socratic Queries, Avoiding Lectures
  • We Showcase Portfolios and Exhibitions, Not Grades
  • We Form Contracts and Covenants, Not Homework
  • Our Students Cultivate Personal Real-World Apprenticeships
  • Our Curriculum Centers Around Each Individual’s Hero’s Journey.

/ We Believe:

Each and every child who steps through our doorswill discover their unique calling, one that has the potential to make a transformative impact on the world.

What sets Acton Academy Slovakia apart?

At Acton Academy, we believe that LEARNING TO DO, LEARNING TO BE, and LEARNING TO LEARN are

more important than "Teaching To The Test" (learning to know) alone.

/ Traditional School Looks Like...

  • The traditional setup of desks in rows with a teacher at the chalkboard
  • Uniform teaching speed for all students, disregarding individual capabilities (resembling the Factory model)
  • Homework causes strain and unease within households
  • Emphasis on rote memorization and testing of regulations and information
  • Utilization of report cards as a measure of achievement
  • Single educator delivering lectures to a large group of students
  • The school atmosphere resembles a factory or confinement, marked by bells, rigid schedules, disciplinary actions, and a standardized approach to students.

/But With The Acton Academy Approach We...

  • Collaborate harmoniously, akin to a startup or co-working space
  • Acquire practical, applicable skills and implement them through hands-on projects
  • Craft individualized objectives and openly monitor the advancement
  • Each individual serves as both a mentor and a learner
  • Access to industry-standard resources in fields like art, engineering, and storytelling; incorporating state-of-the-art adaptable technology for fundamental skills
  • Nurture virtues and qualities fostering a rich and gratifying existence
  • School mirrors a voyage, complete with ambitious aims, mentors, tools, and an ultimate destination (a genuine Hero’s Journey for every family).

/ Traditional Teachers Lecture And...

  • Take center stage in the classroom environment
  • Craft learning objectives closely aligned with their skills, interests, emotional state, and readiness
  • Bear the duty for guiding the educational journey and maintaining behavioral harmony among a group of 25 or more students
  • Are perceived by students as the source of solutions and judge of correctness.

/ Acton Guides Are Like Game Makers Who....

  • Nurture a culture rooted in collaborative teamwork
  • Guide learning by posing insightful inquiries and immersive real-world undertakings
  • Ignite involvement by fostering the creation of imaginative games
  • Encourage students to cultivate essential critical thinking and adept problem-solving capabilities
  • Adhere to the principle of never directly answering a student’s query (Rule #1)

Are you frustrated with the old, traditional education model that teaches students to spit out facts

JUST TO pass state-mandated tests?

Acton Academy Is What An Alternative Approach Can Look Like

/ What Is School Actually For?

When was the last time we actually stopped to ask ourselves THIS question?

Childhood should encompass the voyage of self-discovery. Acton Academy fosters an environment where children can embrace their youthful spirit, all the while imbibing the skills to become compassionate, enthusiastic, and influential individuals, poised to venture forth and make transformative contributions to the world.

/ See Acton Academy In Action

Our students, referred to as Heroes, embody self-reliant learners who derive immense pleasure from the act of learning, within a close-knit community that esteems this very learner-directed autonomy.

Watch this documentary video to see how Acton Academy is TURNING EDUCATION UPSIDE DOWN in over 280+ communities world-wide.

What does learning look like at acton?

It Looks Like The Students Are Running The School

Learning To Do

Effecting global change demands dedication, proficiency, and a willingness to confront failures: At Acton Academy, our responsibility is to guide our heroes in discovering their fervor and honing their aptitudes through hands-on encounters. These honed skills are then channeled into action, manifested through the sale of a product, the delivery of a project, or the presentation of a solution every six weeks. We term this journey a “Quest.”

Learning To Be

We pose these questions to our heroes: Are you achieving the pinnacle of excellence in your endeavors? Are you progressing as an individual? Is your diligent effort shaping a virtuous and principled character?

Learning To Learn

The pace of global transformation is accelerating. The job landscape is no longer stagnant; numerous professions that will emerge in the next decade haven’t even taken shape yet. Our aspiration is for the forthcoming generations to possess flexibility and adaptability, firmly believing that the ability to learn extends to anything.

Learning To Know

In a world where the accumulation of information holds diminished significance (given the ubiquity of online searches), Acton Academy eschews rote memorization and fact-based assessments. Here, the emphasis on critical thinking fosters a profound understanding of the “why?” through our trademark Socratic discussion initiations. Learning is a voyage: Our aim is for our heroes to stretch their boundaries of thought, becoming adept content curators and innovative problem-solvers, ultimately leading lives that are both inspiring and brimming with creativity.

/Learning in the 21st Century.

  1. Cutting-edge educational technology for personalized mastery of reading, writing, and math skills.
  2. Engaging hands-on quests that focus on project-based learning, equipping learners with the tools and skills necessary to tackle real-world challenges.
  3. Thought-provoking Socratic dialogues centered around heroes, history, and self-governance, fostering the development of critical thinking abilities and empowering learners to articulate their thoughts effectively through writing and speaking.
  4. Utilizing professional-grade tools for art, engineering, technology, and storytelling instead of relying on mundane worksheets and busy work.
  5. Establishing written commitments and agreements that forge a closely-knit community of individuals dedicated to cultivating genuine friendships and effectively resolving interpersonal conflicts with honesty and authenticity.

/A Community Driven by Learners

Our young champions thrive in closely-knit communities that uphold exceptional standards of excellence, where self-direction and self-governance are embraced and celebrated on a daily basis.

  1. Learners collaboratively establish and endorse a Commitment Agreement outlining expected behaviors and the repercussions for breaching community norms.
  2. Running Partners and Squads foster an environment where younger and older heroes actively engage in listening, affirming, setting goals, and mutually upholding accountability.
  3. Servant Leader badges honor compassionate and resilient choices that cultivate character.

/Learn the acton academy vocabulary

/ Quests

Practical, real-world projects are employed to achieve mastery in the tools and skills essential for 21st-century problem-solving.

/ Launches

In-depth Socratic discussions serve as a platform to refine critical thinking skills and cultivate the capacity to express oneself eloquently in both speech and writing.

/ Core Skills

Leveraging cutting-edge resources and technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing, and mathematical proficiencies.

/ Life Skills

Consciously nurturing a growth mindset, we present our students with deliberate challenges that foster the acquisition of essential hard and soft skills.

/ Arts

Embracing the realm of arts, we inspire our learners to nurture their inherent drive for personal creative expression.

/ Physical Education

Alongside daily outdoor sessions, we provide physical activities that delve into the interplay between mind and body, promoting holistic well-being.

/ Studio Agreements

Composed agreements create a closely-knit community of individuals, guiding them in fostering genuine friendships and addressing interpersonal challenges.

/ Measuring Mastery

Learners commemorate their proficiency in tools, skills, and character growth by acquiring badges, compiling portfolios, and participating in public exhibitions.

/ What does a typical day look like at Acton?

At Acton Academy Fort Lauderdale, the concept of a “typical” day holds no ground, yet a constant presence of learning, enjoyment, and innovation pervades the studio. Our daily framework revolves around three core time blocks.

Each morning, we convene for a launch, a moment of reconnection and day-setting. Following this, learners disperse to pursue their S.M.A.R.T goals for core skills, after which comes a recess period.

Learners reconvene in the studio to collaborate on Quests. They collaboratively establish their own enterprises, stage theatrical productions, publish literary works, create video games, and engage in a spectrum of creative pursuits. These immersive projects serve as a conduit for learners to unearth and cultivate their distinct talents and passions.

Rotating Focus Areas:
Every day, a designated period is allocated for either physical education, art, music, or science.

We believe that:

  • Sound reasoning paves the way for sound choices,
  • Sound choices pave the way for productive routines,
  • Productive routines nurture robust character attributes,
  • Your character defines your influence on the world. Moreover, we understand that employers value independent and proficient thinkers on their teams more than conventional college degrees.

Furthermore, your character shapes the footprint you leave on the world. Moreover, we acknowledge that employers prioritize autonomous and proficient thinkers in their teams, assigning greater significance to these traits than to conventional college degrees.

We are also aware that employers seek individuals who embody independent and adept thinking for their teams, valuing these attributes over traditional college degrees.

/ What makes Acton Academy so different?

  1. At Acton Academy, cutting-edge technology is harnessed within a self-paced learning ecosystem meticulously crafted to nurture accountability, goal establishment, and collaborative skills. Acton students are equipped to excel in a world that demands self-reliant, driven intellectuals and lifelong learners.
  2. We hold the belief that children grasp concepts most effectively through hands-on engagement. Whether it involves initiating a startup venture, constructing a tidepool ecosystem, mastering a musical instrument, crafting a mosaic artwork, or coding a robot, Acton students are actively cultivating practical life proficiencies within the classroom on a daily basis.
  3. We hold the conviction that the learning journey gains immense depth when Guides provide thought-provoking queries and facilitate experiential learning. Guides employ the Socratic approach, consistently responding to students’ inquiries with fresh inquiries. This exchange cultivates and sharpens the critical thinking capabilities of our students.
  4. Acton Academy operates under a “student-led” approach. This signifies that young individuals assume control over their education and interactions with peers. Acton students cultivate the ability to think autonomously, assume accountability, and welcome challenges. Their preparation is geared towards unleashing their distinct brilliance upon the world.
  5. We place firm faith in the efficacy of apprenticeships. Commencing in Agora, our students embark on apprenticeships in domains that ignite their passion. Acton students have undertaken internships alongside doctors, enterprising bakers, plumbers, attorneys, and graphic designers. What path will your child elect to pursue?
  6. We foster the growth of qualities such as integrity, diligence, accountability, compassion, and empathy within our students. Equipped with a sense of purpose and strong character, we hold the conviction that our students will transition into adulthood well-equipped to uncover their own true path and make a transformative impact on the world.

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